A beautiful collectors’ house in Johannesburg

Collector' s house in South Africa

Had you ever visited a collector’ s house or wondered what would its interior look like?  Well, there is one  I want to share with you today which I truly loved, reflecting the exquisite taste of  the people living in this beautiful home.

220m2 dwelling surrounded by the Jungle trees in the suburb area of Johannesburg, South Africa  accommodates the collector couple’ s remarkable collection of African, Indian and  Chinese furnitures, arts and artefacts.  The high ceiling house takes a lot of day light which beautifully showcase all the beautiful objects and furnitures which are collected from around the world.

The couple, Lionel & Loullea are the Chinese antique specialists  who owns the store called Trade Roots. Besides their visits to Far East they travel through Africa, Egypt and Morocco and source unique goods for their store. They  state they only buy things that they like and it is important for them  the goods have aesthetic or emotional appeal. They have never bought anything simply because they thought it was a good investment. I can imagine the way they shop just looking at the great pieces they collected at their home. The decoration is definitely a result of  their real appreciation for world cultural, deep knowledge and sophisticated eyes. Yes thats how an antique collectors house should look like.

Mix of antique objects from around the world

Antique set up

eclectic dining room

reading room

Showcasing Antiques, arts & artefacts

Eclectic and modern bedroom style

Chinese antique cabinet

Arts & Artefacts in the garden

images via house and leisure

photos by Elsa Young

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