Artist couple living an alternative lifestyle in their loft space at Maslak Industrial Zone

Living outdoor

Life at the industrial zone

How do you describe to live in a creative environment? I think, every other person has its own definition of creative living. Some visualize it  as unusual style whereas some  describes as aesthetic and inspirational.  To me to be creative is an independent  life drive one can not imagine to live without it. There are people in life who are not followers and against to status quo. This philosphy of living makes them create alternative life styles through all their lives.  By  turning the industrial space in Maslak Industrial zone in to their living space; this artist couple prooves that they can create their own happy  alternative living style according to their own unique vision.

People who follow Designmixer at social platforms may have seen some earlier photos I ve posted about the “artist street” in Maslak, therefore they  may already feel familiar with some backdrop pictures. I can tell you this street has one of the most interesting, unusual, free and creative environment that I have ever seen in Turkey. Free souls of Istanbul absolutely shares the fantastic, real rough life of Industrial zone in this street.  They have  their own artistic spaces used as studios or homes. What amazed me here this street has its own brave philosophy and vision. It is individual, creative, quite and wild … Once you review  the photos about this alternative lifestyle, I think   you will understand what I am talking about!

Living with plants in the industrial zone

Actually, the couple is  Designmixer’s  neighboors at Maslak Industrial Zone in Istanbul. They are  both  designer/artists and has absolutely  one of a kind  style. While enjoy living with their pets  in the loft located in the” artists street” and have wonderful ideas about the future of this creative street and their new coffee/restaurant they are planning to open right next to their door.

Artist loft in Maslak Istanbul

Open life and working space in the loft

The living space is large, casual and comfortable truly welcoming by its laid back style

Open industrial kitchen in a loft

A scene from the open kitchen at the living space

Kitchen in a loft

Details of kitchen wall

Detail from a kitchen in the loft in industrial zone

bonzai scissorsThis is the Bonzai scissors. The couple takes care of their Bonzai with this beautiful object.

detail from the kitchen of the loft corners from the loft' s kitchenThe kitchen is open and welcoming

Every corner in the loft is used as library. It is possible to find many DVDs, books and art related materials on the shelves

Living in the industrial zone

Art on the walls of a loft in industrial zoneI really liked this painting and its colors which was centered on the white brick wall.

Sake bottle and glasses

personal collection items

There are all sorts of small decorative accessories and collectible items  in front of the large library

Traditional Japanese dolls as accessory in the loft

Painting in the loftSome bright deep shades spread around by artworks and furnishing creates nice accents in mostly grey and white background

Artist living in style

Living with pets at home

Living with pets in the loft

The personal relations with similar visions are so strong in this street, all doors are open to share and cooperate.  I may even describe as a commune life style.

And pets are welcomed in it.

Alternative lliving style at the Industrial zone

People are friendly and indeed pet lovers who also take care of the dogs and cats living on the street.

This sweet dog is 13 years old and love to follow people with curiosity even he can hardly walk.

Alternative life style at the industrial zone

Shimmers in the industrial zone

Artist's working corner in the loftThe loft  also functions as design studio as well. The art materials and tools all around shows this is a highly productive space for its residences

the creative corners of industrial homeSince the residents of the loft loves cats, the cat images are in almost every other corner.

artistic life style in the loft

Artistic life style living at Maslak oto Sanayi zone

Alternative living styleThe modern, industrial space becomes even more interesting by its eclectic decorative elements

details from a loft at the industrail zoneI liked this french country look which I found in the kitchen on top of the refrigerator

details of the loft

Eclectic Mix at the loft

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