Don’t afraid to add colors and textures to your rooms

room decorated with strong colors

room decorated with strong colorsThe strong texture and surfaces in this elegant room are clearly making a strong statement here. The bright yellow and blue accent colors have been smartly combined with the grass carpet and natural finished furniture in the background. The combination of  smooth and strong colors are wisely balanced in the furnishing so each design element pops out in style. The colors, patterns, rattan carpet, chinese porcelain stool, antique relief on the wall, opulent curtains in gold color, various size  of patterned pillows, wallpaper design are all providing a warm sense of Southern Style. The room is elegant yet comfortable with its mix of classic and eclectic approach. It was designed by American designer Fiona Newell Weeks  who creates beautiful homes in Southern Living Style.

If you like this room than I would say don’t afraid to add colors and patterns to your room. Even covering one single wall with a strong pattern or using a complementary accessory in strong color would make a huge difference in your room. Just don’t forget to layer them nicely. Do you want to  try and see the result?

“Don’t afraid to add colors and textures to your rooms” için bir cevap

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