Olive Farm by the Azmak River, Akyaka

Following up my blog post of yesterday concerning the architectural site of Akyaka/ Turkey; todays article is about a lovely coffee shop near the Azmak River called Olive Farm. A perfect hideaway from all the trouble in life.

Aside having a sweet atmosphere and a tasteful outdoor decor , the nature around has enough power to heal the body by its positive energy. While sitting in the middle of exquisite view of magical Azmak river and lush green garden, I realized listening to the sounds of birds is taking the soul into right here, to the core of everything. Not to future plans, not to past memories, but only being yourself right there at that moment.

Ok how could I find this hidden paradise??? My sister, İncilay whispered to my ears in one early morning that she was taking me into a wonderful place. She promised I would fall in love with the atmosphere and again she was right. When we arrived and as soon as I saw the authentic “Turkish Alem” on the top of the blue entrance doors and the creamy white brick walls , I realize we came to an interesting place. Stepping into the garden, I saw small fountain cooling the hot summer day right in the middle of entrance, lot of eclectic decorative objects, bright-colored Turkish Çini tiles on the walls, square simple tables, blue painted coffee chairs … I realize every element were nicely blended with the spectacular nature around it.

She asked me “didn’ t I tell you, you would love it?” waiting for my confirmation and I said “yessss this is where I wanna be now!”

It was also my niece’ s first visit to Olive Farm so she was happily scanning what was arround her

The little building in behind of my sister is the small store of Olive Farm

The blue Turkish çini tiles coordinating perfectly with the nature outside. I like the idea of framing them in yellow paint. It was also a surprising contrast to apply the delicate tile work onto rough white walls

Even though, the place carries typical details of Ula architecture such as wooden crafted ceilings, they are colored by brightcolors. Somehow all that reminded me a Mexican style more than Anatolian.

The yellow outdoor fireplace framed by the blue painted fetishlike icons. Providing an interesting focal point in the open coffee shop

The variety of objects from different parts of the world mixed with Turkish decorative details in the garden is the affirmation of the eclectic style.

My sister shines in her outfit. She has a heritage from my mother she knows how to dress according to place where she is going . She is almost a part of decoration

I understand to sip Turkish coffee, to read book in this quite spot is easy to get addictive here

This is the inside view of Olive Farm store. Everything they sell in the store is organic. No preservatives. It is possible to buy natural products made by Aegean olive. Oils, soaps, spa products, jams etc… all sorts of products out of olive is sold here. They also do have estore and you can place order from their website http://www.olivefarm.com.tr

Handmade olive oil soaps nicely wrapped and decorated with blue eye beads

Huge blue eye ball made out of glass is placed for protection from the bed eyes on the entrance wall. This object is very common in Anatolian homes

The man relief the white wall inside the store shines in green aura. I found in very meaningful in this specific place.

Not only the lush green plants and its habitats but also the power of the Azmak River itself is enhancing the heaven on earth feeling. This magical, chrystal clear water contens soda and never exceeds 8 C degress even in hottest days of the summer.

I always loved refreshing feeling of cold water in the hot weather so I enjoyed the azmak water while my sister and niece drinking their cup of coffee

My niece Sinem is happy to be surrounded by nature

The local girl living in Akyaka, her name is Begüm and she was working at Olive Farm for summer. She has a nice, warm hearted nature and pretty face

This lady is Begum’ s aunt, she is also local living in Akyaka. I see a great similarity of some local people’s feature with North Africans. She was nice enough to let me take her photo

Even the creatures habiting in the Azmak river are so colorfull and nothing like I ve seen before

Every frame shot have contents inspiring color palette for creators and designers. No need to search color anywhere else nature has it all!!!

This place is perfect for meditating in the nature. The positive energy is not only sensable but also visiable in this magical garden. This tree reminds me the one in Avatar movie

The sweet habitats of Azmak River

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