Living local at Market Hotel, Barcelona

There are some  metropolitan cities in the world which has unique style that puts you into mood immediately and helps you to move according to its own rhythm. Such as walking faster in NY, taking often breaks to drink coffee and wine in Paris, wandering around in Istanbul streets etc… This temporary characteristics  in different cities can only happen if you really want to turn your body clock into locals. To tell you the truth if the cities aura and yours do not match and mix well than you are not welcomed by the city and the people, then boom! You are out of that place!  The trip u have made is no longer worthed cause you re no longer psychologically there! It does not mean anything is you are physically there any longer!

Would you feel that u have made a trip you want without feeling like a local? That must be a terrible feeling. So not to ever sense that I think the easiest way  to feel belong to that city is absolutely not acting like tourist rather include yourself into daily crowd and rush of the city. I believe this dynamic made me feel passionate about traveling to different parts of the world. I become someone else at least for a while and live a different life so that break the rules of a routine life. Staying in the heart of Barcelona and  to be mixed into crowd was absolutely a joy living like a local resident accommodating in a Hotel like Market Hotel.

As soon as we arrived to our Hotel I was happy to see it was the right decision to choose to stay at Market Hotel. First of all it was very near to the historical Sant Antoni Market  which is one of the oldest and biggest local markets of Barcelona. I realize by now the main city is always built around the market area, so the city life pulses around it. So that was the case with Sant Antoni Market. The name of the hotel and its style and decoration was just as I wanted, local but the style was sophisticated enough to include the signs of other cultures into its total design. Meaning not boring in many ways… The best of the best was the its Catalan restaurant downstairs which is very popular in the city.

The main entrance of the hotel opens to a narrow street. The Bar tables belong to Bar Rosso makes it a fun hang out place welcomes the visitors

You can see the reflection of the street on the mirror windows of the Hotel. Small street, casual entrance. Nothing is overexaggrated! Typical city hotel

There is a separate entrance to its restaurant area which I found lovely by its series of plates decor on the windows.

This is the historical market which hotel took its name it is 3 min walk away. The Sant Antoni Market was officially opened in 1882 at the heart of the Sant Antoni district in Barcelona. Since than It has become a traditional place for shopping right next to the Mercado de la Boqueria. Going shopping at this market must be a true of Barcelona and to see how local people really live their lives.

Today the large market building was under reconstruction so we could not see inside unfortunately.

I am lying in comfort on the large pillows of the Bar Rosso in front of the Hotel after a tiring day of Barcelona discovery but happy a person could ever be!

The different size and style of chandeliers at the patio of Bar Rosso are both elegant and casually mixed nicely reflects onto Hotel’s framed mirrors on the building facade.

The gorgeous red colored bar furniture at the center provides a perfect ambience to small bar, the leather sofas, chairs and chinese lantern in the middle emphasizes casual, warm  oriental look

The black and white photos adds a modern look into space

The Catalans absolutely loves eating and drinking! I fell in love with their choice of drinks. The bartenders are there you to taste the best and enjoy:)

Hotel Market’s black and white decorated restaurant has a nice and warm colonial style. White overpainted wooden furnitures, black leather chairs under the soft light combines in great in elegance

Since Catalans loves eating and socializing large people gets together during whole night around big tables. They love talking and laughing. The restaurants accept reservations even at 23:00 o’ clock! In most of the places dinners lasts until early hours of the next day. No reservations means no place in many restaurants in Barcelona! So be careful if you travel and keep in mind to make advance plan!

The variety of lamp designs and different source of lights adds a random chic ambience to the space by their elegant look

The large, ceiling height iron gates of the restaurant welcomes the guests into a place of abundance

The warned and weathered natural wood used on the floor gives a warm feeling. I just loved the open food serving area that makes you feel at home

The beautiful  historical iron elevator used to go up to room floors. Barış always loves to take photos inf front of these old escalators

The narrow halls taking you into your rooms, the doors are again very colonial. I loved the idea of adding mirror into round tire like shaped piece on the top of the  doors. It gives depth into narrow hallways

This look with ceramic tiles on the floors, wooden gates and iron escalator is a confirmation of I was living in a city with a background.

Who can say this is a hotel not an apartment a local lives in?

This is the second gate that we use to have direct access to the building which our rooms are located. Not a common hotel look, right?

I absolutely loved and appreciated the modern and eclectic style mix of the Market Hotel. The dark walls backed up by dark colors and materials provides depth. I loved the modern paintings on the walls, nicely selected objects, and different set up each room and space. Their bold colors, warm hues accented by red colors confirms the sophistication of design in overall.

If you would like to go and stay there you can make reservation from the link below:

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