Barcelona, a fairy city living in Art Nouveau Style

Another trip has been finalized in great passion.. Today, feeling like I have visited an art museum in the size of a city. Filled up by so much information as well as inspiration. I am lucky if I could download all the things I have seen into some part of my brain so my subconscious would feed my creativeness to broad my perspective…

Put yourself in my place, how would you select your favorite pictures if each shoot has taken your great interest by its beauty?  Wherever I moved and faced there was an absolute artpiece of genius of mind and exquisite craftmanship, labor. After all, this city was a home of world known talents such as Gaudi, Picasso, Miro and many more. Each and all of them were the pioneers of a new stream by their brave and clear vision about how they ve seen the world… I could sense the pure classy aesthetic, creative soul wherever I went in the sunny city of Barcelona.

The general architecture seems like not belong to this world they are more belong to a fairy tale by their intricate and strange amorph forms.  Especially, Gaudi who has almost given his name to Barcelona -the architect of a restless mind and soul_ had effected many other architects, artists and designers along this road who grouped their works under Modernista stream and built the city in such an unique form almost impossible to do the same think again. They are more like a living organisms of  building structure who will sit there forever.

It is not usual to come across to customers who would like to invest in crazy budgets for quality of labor and craziness in such projects. Therefore, while I was appreciating Gaudi, I could not stop myself appreciating his clients _ especially Eusebi Güell_ who had invested on Gaudi‘ s unique projects cause they helped us to see these masterpieces and inspired many designers on going…. This vision makes us to enjoy  the great beauty of  history of architecture and a stream called Modernista… The best samples of art nouveau philosophy of architecture… Here, I will share with you some photos I have taken while strolling along the Barcelona streets…

The chimneys at the rooftop of Casa Mila “La Pedrera”. They remind me the Cappadocia natural fair chimneys which are naturally erosioned by the power of water and wind. Yet they come alive on the roof of the La Pedrera symbolizing the surreal face of the Catalan creative mind.

The same ceramic tiles both cover the some side walks of  Barcelona and the rooms of La Pedrera

Porter’ s Pavillion at Park Güell. A building from a fairy tale…

The main gates of the buildings welcomes their residents in style each day

The elegant curves and soft forms of Gaudi’ s buildings are the great samples of art nouveau

Today most of the buildings functions as offices to many well-known brands such as Guess on this photo.

If I were in Lucky brands place I would rent this place:)

The graphic details on the buildings are another aesthetic quality which deserves close attention

The sculptures placed on each and every other building adds artistic value and dynamic effect

Even under the balconies beautiful mediterranean tiles cought my attention

In every other step it is possible to come a cross by beatiful woodwork craft

The inside view of main entrance of Casa La Pedrera of Gaudi‘ s masterpiece. He gives a sensation of lightness in heavy materials.

The palm tree wrought ironwork at Park Güell

I am trying to decide where to go next on the map. Dont miss the ceramic tiles on the street!

The spectacular colored stained-glass windows are beautifully integrated with curves of  iron ware with pastroral details and they show the best samples of the Art nouveau elegance

I m mostly impressed by the wallpaper like of designs engraved on to the building facades. Incredible labor!!! Dont miss the love of flowers of Barcelona residents!

The gorgeous artwork of stone gate entrance of Picasso museum. Modern Art of Picasso is proudly exhibited to visitors from around the world in this historical Gothic building of Barcelona.

I don’t think anywhere in the world such free form of iron ware design has been bravely and aesthetically used in the buildings. The typical fluid spiral form decorating the Gaudi‘ s buildings. The wrought iron grills have individually handshaped quality…

The balconies are most of the time used as flower pots by Barcelona residents. They add the soul to the historical buildings bringing the nature into ground

I was carefull where I was resting, the wall had fantastic mosaic work dated back to 1820. Perfect place to get a photo!

Orientally inspired wooden door framed by Gothic type of stonework shows variety of styles used in architecture are good samples of cultural mix

The buildings hides interesting details in each corner, looking at the La Pedrare from different angles makes you catch new details

Colorful fairy artpiece of Casa Batlio is one of the most radical interventions made by Gaudi. The materials used on the building shines in a different way according to the position of the sun. High Mediterranean quality!

The shutters and medallion shaped iron figures on the balconies are typical Barcelona style and easy to come across along the city streets

The huge iron street lamps decorate the Gothic area of Barcelona

As I said earlier the city is like a musuem and the historical figures sculpted on to the walls gives a voice to city

A never-ending story of Sagrada Familia an architecture symbol of Barcelona which is located right in the core center of city is I believe the masterpiece of architecture of all times

Church’ s construction is still going on and looks like a long way to go. It is now planned to finished by 2016 on Gaudi’ s 100th year of death. While Gaudi was working on it, he knew that his life would not be enough to see the building finished. The construction is funded by the donations today.

I m especially impressed by the symbols used on the zinc doors of Sagrada Familia. There contain  biblical words and stories of Christ’ s life.

The figures used on the doors have similar quality of style with the sculptures placed on certain areas of the basilica

The organic shape of metal decorative materials belong to  art nouveau period are now replicated and used to decorate the beautiful historical Barcelona buildings

Eventhough, the Catalan city faced a hard period of time and lack of interest during the Frederico’ s dictatorship, the modern city has been reconstructed prior to Olympic games which was held in 1992. Till today many old buildings have gone through restoration and roads are reconstructed. Many sites in the city are considered as Heritage Site of National Interest and UNESCO world heritage site. As a visitor and traveler, I m very much impressed by the easy-going life style of Barcelona which I think the good link of city transportation have a lot to do with it. All the sites are easy to reach and that gives a good time to enjoy the beauty of the living city culture. Therefore, I came back by many  visual data and information which will keep me writing about Barcelona for  quite a long time:)

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