Exotic Bathroom project by Designmixer

While bathrooms are being one of the most private rooms of the home, I found them very exciting spaces to surprise and cross over the borders of usual decoration.  I also found clients feel more comfortable to apply interesting ideas onto their bathrooms. 

We were contracted to make the decoration of 450sqmt Ömerli Villa past year. Eventually, the house has come in to being reflecting an eclectic styles including objects from different parts of the world.

In overall the color palette of the house carried warm earthy tones of brown and taupe colors.  By the help of  antique pieces, objects, woods, natural stones and silver, raw metal materials;  the decor enriched by exotic touches.

The first object which I have bought was this antique Indian mirror.  I got all excited when the residents of the house liked its frame. It was such a strong inspirational piece and I eventually felt comfortable by the choices which I will be making in the rest of the project. While working on a project I desire to own the whole space and to have the luxury of freedom of choice. Afterall, I reflect all the characters of my Sagittarius sign. I need freedom, freedom, freedom… Somehow freedom always takes me to different cultures. Freedom for me is to cross over the borders:)

While using these antique pieces of objects from India and Far East, we have combined them with a contemporary clean line of bathroom furniture. So the space had eclectic modern look as the rest of the house.

The 60x60cm brown ceramics in rusted bronze finish, made the space look elegant with its dark sophisticated look.

The silver finish antique lamps with decorative laced like dots had an adorable reflection on the walls. Not only the lamps were gorgeous, the reflections on the walls turned the space a romantic resting room.

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