Inspired by Nordic Living Style

There is a Nordic feeling upon the air since last past one week because of non stop snowy weather.  Friends have been sharing the photos on the social media taken on a white coated city of Istanbul. The excitement of snowy days seem like will be going on for a while.

By living in Turkey, we are all gifted by  the seasonal surprises and able to sense all 4 of them around the year. To expect something new excites as well as refreshens our minds by breaking the routine. No doubt, clutter cleansing,  changing our closets, dresses, home settings and its decoration all bring  joy to our lives….

In winter, while the  streets and the nature dressed up in white outside, the light reflects to inner spaces in a different way, it carries the clean and naive beauty to our homes.  The cold weather outside triggers our senses of protection and be warmed by love, cozy objects and warm materials inside…

There Nordic countries live their lives surrounded by these senses at least 6 months in a year. So it is part of their life and living style.

White and grey shades accented by strong colors, variety of natural woods and materials, animal coats, deer figures,  fire places, pillows,  soft, clean and smart, humoristic lines of  object and furniture designs are all the execution of  Nordic regions living style. As it was also presented at the Maison and Objet this year,  the Nordic vintage look is strongly trendy in the world. So now while the Nordic feeling is upon the air, let’s be creative and reenergize our interiors.

This is the product of today, just fresh out of our Atelier. It is called Jets and it was  inspired by the Nordic Air going on these days:)

Many of us do not have luxury to design a product by inspirations, but have an opportunity to make small changes in our homes or offices. After all, small changes make huge differences in our lives!

Opening up space and bringing light to our  homes will refresh our days and bring energy to interiors 

Placing  an animal inspired accessory may add humor to the coolest spaces

Including fabrics and pillows with bold colors and  animal figures would make a statement

Placing  egg-shaped modern but cozy  furnitures makes the space more cozy brings us back to us childhood 

Using simple and creative objects

knitted materials

adding warmth by the help of candle lights

displaying pictures of Nordic animals  in a humoristic set up as if they are family members and placing them in the center of our room 

bringing nature into home

dressing decor objects by knitted fabrics

upholstering or covering some surfaces by  animal fur like materials

framing the light color, silver objects and furnitures in front of a grey wall

complementing decor with white color accessories

coloring the subtle white spaces by accent colors and thick knit materials 

providing creative depth by using textiles and wallpapers in optical patterns 

These are all easy creative ways to add immediate Nordic touch to our homes and to revitalize our living spaces.

I recommend you to enjoy  the snowy days while you can before spring arrives:)

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