Pink Memories of Istanbul Design Week 2011 by Designmixer

Our Industrial fan in the atelier has vacuumed the pink dye of street totems turned out the be a nice symbol of our brand’s mixer concept.

IDW 2011 has just finished living  some clear pink marks on our atelier as well as memories in out team’s minds. Here are some to share….

Pink totems at work before going out to the streets of İstanbul
Our Atelier’ s Pink Carpenter table & the tools displayed at Galata bridge
Pink Atelier Carpenter table & the tools are back to work in a new style now
Side tables Installation designed by Escape from Sofa. The cement base designed by Designmixer to display it as Street Art in the middle of Taksim during IDW.
Here is Designmixer’ s team photo at Galata bridge in front of the pink atelier taken as memory of IDW 2011

It was a great pleasure to work with the team of IDW and designers to support Istanbul while it is becoming  a design hub in the world.. It is pink a dream that so many talents waiting to be discovered but I strongly believe  it will soon become real soon as many hard work being done to make that happen. Hoping in coming years the event will be all over the city involving the showrooms, ateliers, galleries and stores to the scene.

We as Designmixer team thanks to IDW organization which gave us opportunity to sponsor to this great event.

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