A spiritual day in LA

Outdoor of a resident in Venice messaging to universe


A resident in Venice making a strong peaceful statement at the gate of the house. I came to think, weather parking our car in front of this house of wisdom in my very first day of the trip was a nice coincidence or a secret cause behind my trip.

If u happen to read this post I suggest you to take a note of these statements and keep it with you and always try to apply to your lives. It was a message to universe and I happily received and shared. Maybe it is your turn now to continue to share:)

Later same day, visiting Lake Shrine meditation gardens was not a coinsidence but a nice surprise of my friend Mae.

Lake Shrine what a peaceful place to discover in the heart of the city!
Something magical is on the air. Perfect place to meditate and feeling great connection by nature.
Mae becomes one by nature in Lake Shrine

The garden of Lake Shrine vibrates by the high energy of the plants and nature. Mae continues to be my spiritual guide. She gives me the whole beautiful story about this self realization center. You can have the whole information about Lake Shrine visiting their site.

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