I am addicted to make decor changes at home

One of my biggest fun is to play around with the ingredients of my home. The home accessories comes in and out of the closet time to time, upholstery changes, furnitures move, the new ones come and old ones travel to other destinations or go for renovation or refinishing, in other words my house decor is always in transit.

When our guests come in from door, the first question they ask  is  “what kind of changes did you  make this time?”  They come in sincere curiosity and checks around, make their comments. I m glad the comments are not bad at all which motivates me for further change. I know it is kind of addiction but I like change and new look, what can I do? I think it is refreshing and energizing.  Even though, I do decoration as my profession I love to do at my family and friends places as well.  I just LOVE it:)

I am happy that we also do own a furniture workshop which we can produce what we have designed. And I should say most of the furniture we have is our own design and production. My husband makes fun of me sometime saying ” it is common for wife to ask for flower but you ask for furniture???”.   I believe there is nothing more romantic than a cozy home anyways….

The table and the bench is produced at our workshop

Collected white design objects exhibited on grey wall

Antique keys bought fr Cappadocia

The lighting instrument designed by my husband Baris

a meditative corner mixed by Far eastern and Turkish design objects

this little angel white bulldog is for memories of our lovely dog Bonnie who passed away last year

we bought these vintage chairs recently and upholstered by Turkish Anatolian rugs

I bought these lovely leather stools fr Karachi, Pakistan

My persian cat Ponpon enjoying Turkish rug which I designed recently

My favorite thinking man which I bought from Masai village, Kenya

 Variety of local masks collected during travels to Africa

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