Fashion Color Recipe

Pantone has reported 10 colors suggested by Fashion Artists for Fall 2011. Today, I have selected 3 of them and mix them by accessories, interiors contents similar hues to give you daily need dose of colors.  Even though, the color palette were announced for Fashion industry  it is fun to interpret them into interior spaces and develop a new recipe.   The trick is to mix them according to individual style.

Suggested by Chris Benz


“I have been traveling to Savannah, Georgia over the latter part of 2010 and have become enamoured with the scenery and laissezfaire attitude of the South — the gorgeous cypress trees covered in Spanish moss, weather-worn masonry, filtered sunlight and a tension between old- and new-fashioned ideals.”

Suggested by Shaun Kearney


“Upstate New York, which is surrounded by exotic forms of nature solid colors are juxtaposed with unexpected animal skins, microscopic skin printsand distorted takes on classic animal prints.”

Suggested by Adrienne Vittadini


“The unexpected color combination found in Barnett Newman paintings – the feeling is chic, modern and graphic.”


Designer (Textile & Interior Design)

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