Magnificant India on my mind

traditional indian woman in the historical building balcony

image by Jim Zuckerman

Today, I m very much inspired to write and post wonderful photos about India. Last night, I went to see the movie called The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, a new British comedy. I found the story honest and objective by portraying the life difficulties of getting aged and showing the real  side of exotic living style of  India.

A scene from best Marigold HotelA scene from ‘The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

While I  loved the way the artists performing in the movie, I was  concentrated mostly on the India part. The most of the movie was shoot in the vibrant and beautiful backdrop of Rajasthan and some part was in Udaipur. I think ‘The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel for the Elderly and Beautiful’  was reflecting the difference of eastern and western concept of living style so successfully. Many things we call as comfort and safe living zone in terms of  western world, is having a huge contrast in the actual naive and fascinating world of Marigold Hotel. I also loved how the movie was reflecting the variations of people’ s ideas about living and how can they observe things around them in such a different way. While some was describing India colorful and full of light, some was finding it unbearable. The whimsical characters of the cast were all unique in its own way and they were all finding their own  desires in the lands of India by the naked truth after spending years of their lives.

bestexoticmarigoldhotel_the-outside-of-the-best-exotic-marigold-hotel-‘The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel for the Elderly and Beautiful’ in Rajasthan

Palace view udaipur-rajasthanA stunning view of palace in the middle of water, Udaipur – Rajasthan

To cut the story short I am already in love in India even I had never been there before. Maybe all the things till today collected in my mind made me feel this way like listening stories from my very close friend Alexandra Pruscha who  lived there  for 8 years, reading wonderful books about life in India, watching great movies with wonderful scenery of the culture and the land, true excitement of loving photos picturing all the colors of exotic India made me feel so much attached to it even before I go there. After watching the movie of the best Exotic Marigold Hotel I even thought I could probably live there…

If you follow Designmixer  you probably know by now I m talking about design, colors,  cultures and in my blog. So no wonder why my blog has the highest rank in India!!!. I m so glad with this result and the positive reaction I m receiving back  from this country. Based on all those facts today, I can totally picture myself  living there at least  for a while taking photos, meeting people, writing my blog, maybe a book about living in Indian style, meditating, developing my vision each and other day with its  fascinating culture and design elements.. Even just to dream about it makes get so excited… Who knows maybe one day I can be so lucky to do them all…

Speaking of which I m so much inspired,  let me share with you some wonderful photos triggered my mind  to make my next trip to Exotic land of India and to meet  its colorful culture which I fell in love with…

I m republishing the below photos  by the courtesy of Jim Zuckerman.  I loved the way he captures the most exotic parts of the world. Here are some pictures from his objective showing how nicely local people of India blends with the architecture and their surrounding. For me these photos are in dream world quality … Who knows maybe one day I get a chance to attend to his photo tours🙂

Woman in traditional Sari dress on a balcony, Rajasthan, IndiaWoman in balcony, looking outside from Indian arches, Rajasthan by Jim Zuckerman

Young women in colorful dresses Meghwar tribe, Gujurat, IndiaYoung women in colorful local dresses, Meghwar tribe, Gujurat by Jim Zuckerman

Decorated elephant, elephant festival, Jaipur, Rajasthan, IndiaDecorated elephant, elephant festival, Jaipur, Rajasthan by Jim Zuckerman

Garlands of Yellow flowers in India, CalcuttaYellow garlands are part of colorful life in India. Flowers in truck of taxi, flower market in Calcutta by Jim Zuckerman

Colorful items for sale in the market, Pushkar Fair, IndiaColorful items for sale in the market, Pushkar Fair by Jim Zuckerman

Bride with henna-decorated hands, Varanasi, IndiaBride with Henna-decorated hands, Varanasi by Jim Zuckerman

Indian Sahdu in orange dressSadhu in vibrant orange dress looks extremely powerful and wise by Jim Zuckerman

Haveli house -a wealthy merchant's home from the 17th century, Mandawa, Rajasthan, IndiaHaveli house, a wealthy merchant’ s home from the 17th century, Mandawa, Rajasthan by Jim Zuckerman

Erotic temples in Khajuraho by Jim Zuckerman

Woman in pink Sari next to beautiful traditional ornated door in the Bikaner Fort, Bikaner, Rajasthan by Jim Zuckerman

An ancient door and the wonderful color mix in front of antique building in the old city, Delhi by Jim Zuckerman

A lady in pink Sari dress sitting in front of the weathered green old door, Jodbpur, Rajastan by Jim Zuckerman

Typical blue building of  Rajasthan and woman stepping on to roof, Rajastan by Jim Zuckerman

Fantastic antique Indian Architecture. Rajasthani woman standing in front of a charming facade of blue painted building, Jodphur by Jim Zuckerman

The Muslim section of Jodhpur characteristically painted in cobalt blue, Rajasthan by Jim Zuckerman

A nice frame for a perfect color palette. Pink veiled woman in a window, Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India by Jim Zuckerman

Interior of an old temple in India. The handcarved  figures, walls and columns are samples of true Indian style elegance by Jim Zuckerman

The below photos are from the lovely blog called An Indian Summer. The author is Indian and she is sharing wonderful visuals that she finds about India and exotic and eclectic decoration styles. For me it is truly inspiring blog since I m a style hunter of the globe…

Aside of real flowers in the wild nature of India, the buildings, interiors, furnitures and fabrics are ornamented by the soft flower motives

Exotic house Photo by Brie Williams

via An Indian Summer

via An Indian Summer

I m in my full motivation today to fly to magnificent India and get lost in its real, colorful and naive world. It may help me to find more about myself without being distracted by the daily worries of western life who knows??…

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  1. I lived in the south of India for about 7 months. Luckily I had the chance to travel all around. When I was there I realised it was amazing. But now after a few years it seems like a magical period and the beauty of it strikes me every time I see pictures taken there.

    Despite all the uncomforts and complications… It’s amazing! The movie was indeed brilliant too 😉

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