Enjoy colors of spring while you can!

Hello to you all and to the new season which I was so much looking forward to have it again… I don’t know you but I missed to walk for long hours in the nature,

to see the fresh nature colors on the street, and to take interesting photos under the changing light of the day after going through a heavy winter.

Finally, spring is showing that it is back; sometimes by its bright sunshiny days , sometimes by its mild or wild refreshing rainy days. Sometimes all mixed in a day…

To enjoy the fresh spring day out, I took a walk in the morning last sunday and I came across by stunning celebration of nature in the park.

The nature was absolutely shouting that it was back by blooming flowers in white, yellow, lily, multicolor all sorts,

bright green leaves were growing back on the trees. All this felicitization were happening right in the middle of my neighborhood.

I ended up taking many pictures stunned by the beauty of earth…

I realized once more mother nature is so giving and so much alive in spite of all cruelty of city life. Thats is so strong and it is still all out there..

I suggest you to have your personal time with it while you can to refreshen your vision and soul cause it is the best and maybe the most

inspiring time of the year ..

The clouds moving in constant change and style, giving all sorts of wonderful sky views… Festive to eyes really…


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313 thoughts on “Enjoy colors of spring while you can!

    1. Thank you so much. I am totally agree with you that I have to visit to India in search of color. You read my mind.
      Believe me my friend it wb on my list hopefully very soon. I want to be there on paint festival:)

  1. Wow! I live in a country that hosts only two seasons. 🙂 In effect, whenever I see pictures about spring, I become totally mesmerized!!!

    Great photograhy skills and congratulations for making it in the freshly pressed!

  2. wow!!wonderful spring season,To enjoy the fresh spring day out, I took a walk in the morning everyday and I came across by stunning celebration of nature in the park.

    The nature was absolutely shouting that it was back by blooming flowers in white, yellow, lily, multicolor all sorts.Excellent photography.Thanks for sharing all the beautiful photos of spring season

  3. I’m sure others have said this but I’m gonna say it anyways because it is so true. The pictures are beautiful! How I really wish I can enjoy spring. I live where there are only two seasons, that’s why. This might sound weird but I’m dying to see a cherry blossom tree like those included in the pictures. Too much about me, back to you. You have a good eye my friend! 🙂

  4. Thanks so much for posting… The pictures reveal nature in a whole new light… I couldn’t help but smile…

  5. The colors of spring are breathe taking. I live in the middle of the Great
    Southern Forest. Our wild dogwoods and cherry top clover are particularly
    beautiful. The flowers of spring will only last til the temps go above 90.
    take a friend and stroll you own neighborhood, and see the majesty
    for yourself.

  6. Absolutely breathtaking. Spring sings! You’ve let us join you on the walk. Thank you so much!
    (Would you mind letting us in on the camera you use?)

  7. wow totally agree with you. everyday I walked on the streets, I can’t keep myself away for looking at those beautiful color on the tree, or the new leaf growing, it’s just so beautiful 🙂 haha

  8. Those are some amazing photographs of beautiful, beautiful flowers! I can’t wait for the flowers to start blooming in my yard. At MyMove, we are currently all working on our own beautiful flower gardens with our new favorite gardening app for the iPhone. I hope I can grow some amazing flowers that will look as beautiful as the ones that you captured in your photographs!

  9. I agree. Spring is beautiful. What wonderful photos! And I agree that you should take much of it all while you can. Some people in the world are not blessed with springtime…like me. Sadddd.

  10. Those are fantastic photos. They make me want to invest in a better camera. I’m stuck with smartphone pictures for now.

  11. Wow, excellent work love, i mean this is a first for me cause these photos look like they came straight out of a movie. The in depth detail must be spot on and the editing is on point. Good Work and i love the color, always beautiful to watch -,o


  12. you captured the beauty of nature in your hometown so well! where’s your hometown btw? I’m just wondering, were all the pics edited with photoshop or you used filters on your camera to create some special colour effects?

    1. Thks. My hometown is in Istanbul, Turkey. The place I took pictures is near my home. I m lucky to live in such neighberhood eventhough I m in the middle of the city. Yes there is camera effects on the photo.

      1. Thank u. You should come to Turkey again. There are lot to see and explore. I m hoping to see you in my blog more if you like eclectic and cross cultural styles:)

  13. Thank you so much for sharing your captures of mother nature in the spring! I can’t express how exciting these pictures were to see and I am definitely going to make sure I continue to follow your amazing work ! You have a great eye, and since I don’t get to see as much Spring as I used to living in NY, I can’t wait for your next post!

    Cheers to Spring, new beginnings, and amazing photography!


  14. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. I can’t wait to see what you do with your work in the autumn – my favourite season. 🙂 Well done on the success of this post and for your beautiful photographs.

  15. I absolutely love nature’s springs (and falls). Unfortunately in my urban home, a real tree is an hour’s drive away. )=

  16. wow! look at those beautiful pictures.. superb! 🙂 MAkes me realize how thankful I am to our mother nature..

    Haven’t seen Cherry blossom yet. 😦

    Cheers from the Philippines!

  17. My bees love most of the flowers and plants in these photos. I have a page on my blog to encourage people to use Bee-Friendly Plants. Your readers might like this.

    They might be interested in a new type off beehive we have in the UK. Please read my Beehaus Review. It makes beekeeping easier for the new starter.

  18. I too am inspired this Spring, to capture the wonder of colour on camera. Spring makes you relook at the outside World, and see a wonderous sight to make your heart sing. Beautiful – thanks for sharing.

      1. Absolutely wonderful, you have a great eye for picking out the contrasts of the season. My favourite is the village lady selling flowers so colourful, but she melts in with the landscape. Thank you for sharing.

  19. I love your reminder to enjoy the colors of Spring….they are here so briefly but are so lovely. Pale baby leaf green, luminescent pinks, and deep bark brown are my personal favorites! Love your photos!

  20. Your pictures are amazing! I am trying to get involved in photography myself. Seeing yours is inspiring!

  21. These pictures are absolutely beautiful. I cannot wait for the cherry blossom trees near my house to burst into bloom, they’re always so gorgeous.

  22. There’s nothing lovelier than nature – and your images capture the essence of beauty!! I loved your pictures – they remind me of spring in England – which I’ve not seen for 20 odd years. But, I cannot forget those moments of beauty.

  23. Wowww. Really amazing photographs. I’ve never seen one catching so many colors in one photo. I just started to follow you. I see Chinese calligraphy in your header image. I’ve practiced Chinese calligraphy since I was six and I am running a Chinese teaching blog, http://path2mandarinchinesecharacters.com/. Please come and have a visit if you’d like. Thanks for sharing the color of the spring. Keep up the good work. 🙂

    1. Thank u for the kşnd words. I m happy u like those photos. u may also enjoy my recent article about crossing seasons https://designmixer.wordpress.com/2012/04/16/nature-at-the-mountains-while-crossing-seasons/
      You ve a a sweet website with great calligraphy! I just love Chinese calligraphy and Chinese culture. I wish I could know the language and write the calligraphy. Truly aesthetic. By the way I dont know what does it mean in my header. Can u help me to trasnlate?

      1. Yes, been to your new post. Thanks for point me there. I am glad you like Chinese language and Chinese culture as well. They are indeed both aesthetic! I’ve practice Chinese calligraphy since I was six. 🙂 The characters in your header are the complexed form of today’s simplified Chinese characters. I know every single character, but I don’t think the image is a whole piece. So even the characters combined together don’t make any sense to me. Do you have the original whole piece of the work? I would be happy to figure out if you have.

  24. These are such beautiful pictures that completely represent all that spring is to me. I especially loved the picture of the flowering branches with the background of the moving clouds, it was lovely.

  25. Gorgeous! I especially love the third picture down- my grandmother in Poland grew those flowers in her garden, and they bring back so many memories. They were called “bratki” in Polish, and I remember picking them when I was about 6 years old. Thank you for the trip down memory lane 🙂

  26. Fantastic photos. The seventh one down from the top, I could almost feel the soft fluffy pedals on my face. Great blogging. Thank you so much for sharing with others.

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