Vassago-Hair-Designers brand

Think about it, what is Hair Beauty Salon for you? An inspiring environment for new ideas and style? A place for a new image, new me? A social hide away to talk and get rid of the daily stress? A fun environment constantly aiming for exploring new trends and aesthetics? What ever and wherever it is, they all serve for the same purpose to feel better. So when we started to work on this project we aimed to design a space to feel good and special…

No more classic boring prototype  conventional  salon furnitures!!… Triggering the creative side of  the hair designers brain  and transferring the aesthetic passion to their customers while spending this valuable time in its atmosphere was the idea behind. A fun, practical and functional place for its workers and a relaxing, feeling special luxuries surrounding for the clients.

The first Vassago store which we are commissioned was the salon in Capitol Shopping Center. It has two floors and we have recently completed the top floor and working on the lower floor at the moment. The same concept and designs will be applied to Vassago Hair Designers chain stores one by one.

Each store is being designed specifically according to its architectural and interior space needs under the same concept and identity of colors and materials. This way the interior design will protect its unique cooperate identity wherever it is.  Each space  is individually briefed by its owners during this brand transition period.  The product development constantly evolves and shapes the project… All comments made by the talented and experienced hair designers of Vassago brand  are considered valuable and made us to think deeply to create for better….

The interior design of the project is a mix of classic and modern style.  The materials used are gold metallic colors, white ceramics, shades of grey and oak wood.

The desks used at the display windows and cutting area all metal

Drawer units has gold metallic glass and white lacquer finish. Their round edges and push to open mechanism give its a clean and soft look

The metallic grids which are used to separate the areas provides an industrial chic aesthetic edge to the interior

The custom designed metallic mirror frames by Ömer Ünal for Vassago are all functional and able to move up and turn.

The elegant lines of   decoration and materials are all reflecting the sophisticated modern style.

I will be posting the each Vassago store project along the line. We are working very hard  to complete each project  in speed to help the strong Vassago

brand move forward and branch out its professional look all around Turkey.

The project design:        Barış Öztek (Formart Mimarlık), Ömer Ünal (UOD), Tijen Samuray Öztek (Designmixer)

Project Coordination: Formart Mimarlık

Production:                         Formart Mimarlık

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