North Thailand by Lanna(Golden Age) Style

Chaing Mai is Thailand’s second city and gateway to North of the country. It was founded in 1296 by King Mengrai as the cultural, political and religious center of Kingdom known as Lanna. The word Lanna means “a million rice fields” a ref. to North Thailand crops. As of today, Lanna style distinctively differentiate itself  from the other Thai Styles. The woodcarving, silverwork, pottery and crafts are regarded as one of the most exquisite in Thailand.

The locals and the tribe people are highly talented and produce beautiful objects for ages. It is possible to find new collections, vintage or antique pieces both functional and decorative in the city.  There are very nicely designed boutique Hotels which gathers and shows Lanna style and Art in their properties.

One of them is Rachamanka whose owners are an Architect and Interior Designer. The Hotel takes inspiration from both the Lanna period  and ancient Chinese residences.  Regional Art and Antique pieces decorates throughout the property and creates a unique feel by their charming look.  Another Hotel which we stayed was Tamarind Village a tranquil and relaxing place decorated by Lanna Style. The Spa has its own Village SPA Menu, the best we tried was the Muscle relaxation menu by warm Herbs. Buddha sculptures, orchid flowers bloom in the local potteries, tribal textiles, soft lighting, lacquered finished baskets, smooth instrumental northern music, warm herbal message, welcoming people  are the things which comes to my mind when I think of Tamarind Village.

Tamarind Village



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