Colonial Mix at the heart of Bangkok

“Stepping through the door of  The Eugenia  is a bit like taking a trip back in time, but the contemporary touches bring the hotel back in time.The twelce high-ceiled  suites have been lovingly put together with furniture collected from British and French Colonial Myanmar, as well as India and Indo-China. Even the bathtubs have a glamorous boudoir feel, made of hand-beaten copper. Crisp white bed linen and soft feather pillows come alltheway fr Belgium.” Catherine Fairweather the travel editor of Harper’s Bazaar explains so well about the style of the Hotel at her book of 1001 Escapes to make before you Die.

The Hotel is a very good example of how well contemporary touches could be mixed by historical colonial style.  Small in scale but  designed by big ideas rooms deserve  appreciation.  Next to lobby  there was a library which was filled by all sorts of Design books and magazines which I enjoyed good time while sipping up my coconut drink fr the Bar.  The people working at the Hotel were adorable and made our whole Bangkok trip turn to be a  pleasurable one. All the suggested places which we have visited were reflecting the fine taste of the Hotel representatives.  Thais after all are very kind and down the earth people gifted by the beauty of their country.

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