Need privacy to relax and breathe!

mathew williamson' s house in London

Taking time to give space for good spirit needs privacy to relax, breathe and chill out.

Sometimes the rhythm of life does not allow that to happen even though in our nature we need that to survive and keep on going. So called modern life tells us to break the balance to do things in extremes many ways while our body and soul eager to achieve peace and health, the life conditions constantly try to break this harmony. This struggle creates a strain in human mind and obviously causes a killer sensation of stress.

achieving balance

praying in the Buddha cave of Luang Probang
I realize more today my trip to Buddha cave in Luang Probang had deep spiritual meaning.

Buddha figure reminds me to look at life from a different perspective in a more spiritual and nurturing way. The wise, fragile, gentle yet strong powerful figure tells indeed a lot in silence. But only if time for privacy has been created and  happen to stop the constant conversation going on in the brain …

Home for peace
Strong figure of  Buddha sitting at home to remind harmony.  via Marie Claire Magazine

Yes, today I need Buddha’ s strong presence in my life. I need him to stop me thinking in a useless way and show me the right direction again as he did before….

Angkor Wat
This is the photo I have taken in Angkor Wat while I was tracing the peace back into my life

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