Mix and shake and blend Party @ Designmixer Maslak

The doors of Designmixer had opened for the first time on July 1st by this party however as u may see from the photos the showroom is still under construction so the theme of the party was…. It was a night of modestly partying,  introducing designmixer projects to friends, cooling under the summer rain (in and out of the space) relaxing, listening good music, socializing and feeling cozy being around close friends.  And I want to thank them soooo much for all their support and being with us. I trust they will welcome new projects with us on the way!!

I can feel it will become a kind of habit to hang around in the American Street (another name of the 26th Street of Maslak Oto Sanayi)and talk about the day and mostly about what is happening in the design world? I trust new ideas will flourish by the high energy of creative people. Itis going to be an inspirational hub, by its relaxing environment for  artists, creatives, designers from all around the world. Mix of creative people will have opportunity to present themselves under  this roof, on this street and people with an open vision who appreciates new perspectives will be able to meet them in person or be able to get to know their works and designs. It will also be exciting to be a bridge by the Turkish, foreign designers and consumers who appreciates design. There are new events on the way to get to gather Art and Design scene with the Design lovers! Stay tune with us along the way to mix your ideas by others and enjoy the outcome of  exploring new worlds in this new address of İstanbul  !!!

Designmixer showroom underconstruction
Designmixer is opening the doors to American Street where other designers and creatives open their doors
Talking to friends coming early
Sabite is thinking deeply about the new events
There are designers living and working on the back of these doors in this street
This photo shows Designmixer is moving, I just love it:)
Ayşe & Yeşim the party girls forever!
Aşkın is enjoying the conversation socializng new friends
I m trying to set up the Designmixer slide show
Me busy, busy:))
Sarp is totally shocked at that night trying to understand what is happening:)

Yesim wants to know more about the parties on the way
My close friend Alexandra a great inspiration, I saw the same spark on her eyes all night
Farah is enjoying the night!
Barış is glowing that night
Friends from Austria
Night Scene of the Street
Hanging on the street under the rain
Me and balloon of Designmixer ideas
I adore this picture
Fun to be the DJ of the night!
Very spooky!
Looking inside from the street
This is one of the slide which I presented explaining how Designmixer idea started
Happily tired at the end of the night:)
Surrounded by the cool guys, discussing ideas
Barıs is cracking us up again!
Bye and see you soon with the new events

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