Ticket to paradise / Phuket

Phuket Island, The Chedi (The Surin)

The Surin _has one of the best exclusive beaches in Phuket, Pansea beach

It is somehow funny the Paradise correlates by the concept of beach by many of us. I realize I have the same perception when I think of the days I spent at the Pansea Beach. Why do I think ticket to Paradise take me to Phuket? Wouldn’t it be so to you if I tell you about swimming at the wild Andaman Sea, Gentle Thai massage by the beach, sleeping under the coconut palm trees?

The whole trip to the Island was a true bliss and place to relax mind, soul and the muscles. Starting from Sunrise to Sunset, by the direction of the sunlight changes, the look of the atmosphere framed unforgettable views by unforgettable feelings. As a part of the tropical nature, the sudden changes of the climate, warm sun touch to my skin replaced with wild Mansoon rain, created an active perception towards my surprisingly changing surronding.

Hotel Guests from Nature staying over at the lobby

It is not enough to count the beauty and serenity of the nature at Phuket, but now I want to share with you some photos of the decorative scenes which we have taken at Chedi (The Surin Hotel) during our stay.

The hotel has hidden under the tropical trees and it is almost not possible to guess there are actually 108 private cottages. They all sit under a shelter of coconut palms on landscaped slopes that gently descend to meet the white sand beach and are connected by elevated walkways.

The private varendahs next to each room gave an extension of our room relaxation. The rooms had all the facilities and made ask myself whatelse do I need to have in a summer/beach house?

Tropical architecture of the Hotel and rooms were nicely designed by Thai decoration materials and colored by the smooth palette.

Handcrafted teak high ceilings comforts the vision by providing broad space and cools down the body by the speed circulation of Air fans

Huge 17th century Chinese War Drum

Orchid flowers are the best decorative material in whole country

Dining with Local music

One of the best things in Phuket is the Seafood rich Couisine

Warm spirit of the Tropical hospitality seals smile to my face

The Serin is a place to stay if you like to relax, eat good food, meet with nice people and be in nature.

PS. The Chedi Hotel recently changed its name to The Surin

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