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Living with colors of mother earth in the city

I welcome the colors of what the mother earth provides in this spring. I see only colors, beautiful shapes and creatures of nature around me.  It is no longer a dream to live with them, they are right infront of me and I happily share the joy of mother earth day today with you. Let all the colors and textures of […]

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Enjoy colors of spring while you can!

Hello to you all and to the new season which I was so much looking forward to have it again… I don’t know you but I missed to walk for long hours in the nature, to see the fresh nature colors on the street, and to take interesting photos under the changing light of the […]

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Styling ideas for a lovely open spring buffet

Aren’ t you hunger for the an open spring buffet yet? I am… The spring  is around the corner and I am totally motivated to share the visual feast and tasty food with my friends / family enjoying a sunny day in the backyard.  The small portion of  foods of an open buffet decorated by lovely  ideas and flowers would […]

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