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Do you know about Pottery Art in Avanos?

The small town of Avanos in Cappadocia region is located by the Red River (Kızılırmak) which gets its name from the clay that deposits. That is the major reason for many years, the pottery art and craft had been the major industry in this area. As a result, it is possible to see the artistic talents and beautiful decorative materials anywhere you go. The […]

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Cappadocia / The Hidden Cities and churches / Göreme

Göreme is one of the most interesting historical site both by its geographical localization and unique ancient ruins showcasing the architectural civilization through the history. It is estimated that there are over 600 rock cut churches in Cappadocia area. In Open Göreme museum, it is possible to visit very well protected samples of Churches and monasteries from the second […]

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I did not know sleeping in a cave could be so glamorous until I stay in Yunak Evleri / Cappadocia-Travel Style

Even though, our trip to Nevşehir started at a last-minute decision a little bit unplanned, we ended up staying at one of the most interesting and nicest Hotel in Cappadocia, Yunak Evleri. Once, we arrived to Ürgüp, we have realized everywhere was booked bz of the national holiday, but luckily we found an opening at this unforgettable […]

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