GEOMETRIC Wallpapers

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In this designmixer collection, geometric forms, which are an integral part of all classical and contemporary spaces, come up with a complementary pattern type or in pictorial interpretations and compositions consisting of different layers. An extraordinary collection that can be used harmoniously in both classical and contemporary spaces…You can also use the Designmixer geometric collection as a complement to patterns from other collection groups, especially on ceilings and columns.

Inspired by small Spanish city known for its houses built on high rock walls, which gives the impression of flying, this geometric pattern emphasizes a modern style that symbolizes the striking harmony of natural stone and fabric textures meeting on the same surface.


The pattern, in which characteristic, vibrantly colored buildings meet the deep blue of the sea, stylized with a geometric and abstract expression, takes its name from one of the most beautiful sea towns in Northern Italy. A wall composition that draws a different, dynamic and bold space characteristic…


Navy blue and turquoise as primary colors, the textured feel created by soft tonal transitions lighten the hard lines of the pattern. This simple, geometric and stylish pattern is ideal for creating an elegant and masculine spaces. Thanks to its handmade ceramic-like appearance, it is ideal for areas like kitchens and bathrooms.

Designmixer creates patterns with inspirations from travels and fine details of all the beauties she is encircled with. Horizontal and vertical white lines in circular forms remind uninterrupted monsoon rains, while the delicate transitional green tones that appear in the background are reminiscent of the forests of India. This geometric pattern is truly based on a real travel story!

Adding light to spaces with overlapping tones, abstract geometric forms, and a plain expression, this pattern is a modern and soft choice that is especially ideal for hall and stairway walls.


The pattern, which creates a geometric and linear surface with white lines on celery, reminds one of the Arabian cities, a bird’s-eye view of white buildings, large and small, built on a vast desert area, as far as the eye can see. A very pleasant choice for ceilings and complementary spaces.

An indecisive sun between the sky and the sea… Like fresh rain and sunlight reflected in its droplets, deep but simple like the infinity of fantasy… A harmonious choice for pure and simple spaces.

With traditional Greek colors and Meditteranean mosaic shapes, muse on the walls…

Referring to the reflections of blue sky and river on the rounded lines and surprising form of Anish Kapoor’s sculpture located at the heart of the city, this classic iconic geometric pattern can go on forever and ever…

Canberra is the city for those who love symmetry, symbolism and architecture. Griffin, one of the architects of the city, was one of the pioneers of Art Deco, which was the style of his era. Intertwined semi-circles are true symbols of that period. This pattern, which we apply in different tones, easily adapts to any environment from children’s rooms to modern living rooms, and from bathrooms to kitchens.

Inspired by the magnificent architectural synthesis of Southern and Northern European cultures, and the traditional patterns of Palermo, which strongly impress its visitors, this classical mosaic makes it possible to create stylish environments for bathrooms and kitchens through application on different surfaces.
Art Deco walls highlighted with metallic framing details. Art Deco style & deep dark colors for a sophisticated look!!


This pattern, which gives the impression that large, dancingly agile forms have been freely drawn on the walls with a boldly handled huge brush, is a stylized interpretation of Africa’s traditional black and white linear patterns. An ideal choice for creating modern and contemporary spaces.

Inspired by Prague’s famous hard-geometric gray roofs and arches of the rounded bridges dotting the river, this pattern brings a contemporary interpretation to young and dynamic environments with its concrete texture and contrast tones.

Hand drawn lines on a soft color background gives an artistic modern feeling to the walls.

Reflected on this paper, which is produced from natural materials, are the magnificent color scale of the African nature and a stylized profile of the local structures. Enriched with both visual and textural features, the walls break the monotony while the design easily adapts to spaces furnished with accessories and furniture made of natural materials.

Reflected patterns of cold northern city buildings, shining with the lights of long winter nights… Geometric shapes are indispensable decoration elements for hotel rooms. The deep blue tones reflect the urban style of the cold long winter nights.

Stylized with the inspirations of Munich, which is surrounded by vertical forms and sharp edges of modern architecture on the north and a meticulously preserved traditional spirit with the rounded lines of the dome of its cathedral in its center, this pattern especially harmonizes with minimalist spaces.

City Lisboa’ s green peaks and geometric shapes of the deep red bricks have influenced the design… The concrete effect on the background gives a modern feeling to this pattern. The concrete effect on the background gives a modern feeling to this pattern.


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