Our familiar ancient motifs of Turkish Decorative Arts are transformed with Far East decorations, meeting us with a new and unique identity. Nestling and blending the similarities of the Central Asian Turkic Culture and the Far Eastern and Asian arts, the collection reflects this unique harmony to walls, also incorporating the figurative details. An homage to the aesthetics in the history of design, this cultural fusion, which can be used in contemporary spaces, is the starting point of the designmixer Signature Collection.

Exploring new geographical regions, climates, languages, venues, and cultures… With its eclectic spirit driven by a passion for travel, Designmixer’s Ethnic collection aims at syncretizing the most beautiful symbols of our global heritage to give them a new life on the walls. We break the walls and bring in a spaceless and unbounded world where the wealth of cultures and design is nested.

Perhaps the most beautiful representation of our slogan, “bringing down the walls”, Designmixer’s Tropical Collection uses an epic language to gather the wildest botanical, greenery, and plant covers of the rich nature and the free-spirited animals of wildlife. While crazy, lush, and sometimes colorful stories bring nature to our home, different styles and lines bring down the lifeless walls fearlessly, liberating our souls.

Chinoiserie is the name given to European interpretation of classical Far Eastern design style. In our Chinoiserie collection, we aimed to modernize this concept with a special re-interpretation. We diversified classic chinoserie with different details from nature using rich color scale, and redesigned it for today’s spaces with designmixer’s interpretation. In this series, patterns are applied to various materials including fabric, wallpaper, handmade paper, ceramics inside panels or on wall surfaces using digital printing and hand painting techniques.

It is the place where your child sleeps, studies, plays, and spends most of their time.The colors, patterns and favorite images used on the walls are all selected to give your precious ones the most beautiful feelings.

Reinterpreted in supernatural sizes and fantastic colors, the floral collection is based on floral patterns as well as designmixer’s will to make a fantastic emphasis. Thanks to the contrasts created with the background and the special effects used, the collection gives a 3D feeling.
Time for meditation – with your own walls! Create your own artpiece with the Mandala wallpaper; use creative color combinations to have fun with your kids, and ease your mind. Especially made for waterbased paints, the Mandala wallpapers can be wiped and re-colored after every use.

In this designmixer collection, geometric forms, which are an integral part of all classical and contemporary spaces, come up with a complementary pattern type or in pictorial interpretations and compositions consisting of different layers. An extraordinary collection that can be used harmoniously in both classical and contemporary spaces…You can also use the Designmixer geometric collection as a complement to patterns from other collection groups, especially on ceilings and columns.

Decorating walls for many centuries, narrative pastoral patterns applied on fabric or wallpaper have created an extraordinary and impressive style of decoration by reflecting the flora, geographical features, human and animal figures, and architectural characteristics of their regions, adorning the walls of the world’s most beautiful places. These papers, which typically include exotic depictions from different cultures, have a large place in designmixer’s collections especially because they resonate her design spirit! The collection depicts special patterns for today’s modern houses using engraving and painting techniques.

Custom designed wall murals designed by designmixer. Digital prints on vinyl wallpaper quality. Each of them are specifically designed for special projects. For your orders you can send your emails to