Bedside rugs and kilims


Turkish overdye rug in the bedroomvia the home magazine

There is no doubt bedrooms are the most private spaces at our homes. It is the room where we start and end up our day. We close and open our eyes there; the colors and textures are the first things we see around us. It is the place where we take off our sleepers, shoes, clothes. Considering all  touching and feeling going on this sensual part of the home it is really important to think how to decorate it nicely since it will effect our mood and energy for the day.

Firstly, keep in my mind to make it most comfortable, relaxing and enjoyable for your own good. Try not to cluster with too many objects and furnitures, stay simple for a good space and create  decorational  mood by  colors, patterns and layers of fabrics. Textile complementaries such as pillows, curtains, carpets, rugs and kilims are…

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