One man standed alone for freedom

duran adam

I think there is no better time than today to talk about the harmony of  individual intelligence, body and soul which molds the courage of a man.  Recently, talented performance artist Erdem Gündüz from Istanbul, Turkey showed his braveness against brutality and corrupted so-called “system” by his uncomparable intelligence . He stood up alone and became a focal point of curious eyes without any hesitation but now thousands who share the same feelings are following his silent resistance because he talked to the hearts of people.  He proved nothing could beat this confidence created by determination of a sharp mind.  This is an open message to the world “please stand up for your rights and freedom.” Please follow #duranadam #direnduranadam #standingman on social media.  Our bodies are reflection of  our humanity and it is time to use it as a revolutionary art piece just as Erdem Gündüz did.

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