Creating fresh design ideas with old which is the new new….

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old is the new new

 Is there such a thing really called as new???”

What I mean is by the time you call something new it is no longer “new” anyways…. Especially, it is the case  where the trends are suggesting us about the NEW styles!! Some of the best examples of such  styles are  RETRO, INDUSTRIAL, VINTAGE, PROVENCE …. They all  having a  history behind, belongs to a  certain time period as function,  design style or represent some kind of trend. However, what they have common is that they represent memories in human mind. It is really a big contradiction that we call them “new” now!!  Whatever the trends suggest for the sake of  marketing dynamics,  the old is actually never old or new is never new any longer in design world, lets face it!

The old objects, antiques, vintage stuff  are all have a  soul cause they live and get aged!  Nevertheless, besides having their own personality, they  become something else or wear a new character if they are mixed or combined in an uexpected way or placed in a different space.  They can even enhance their meanings or characteristics at the hands of the interpreter. That is really the joy of recreating spaces using found or old objects with having endless options of  interpretations!

lighting fixture made from a salvadge ship partIndustrial factory light

I am sure many of you have some interesting objects, furnitures or lighting fixtures from past which may  no longer in use or hidden somewhere in the garage or you probably thought that it was lost… Why don’t you dig them out now and find a  place somewhere at your home or in office in an unexpected way to decorate instead of buying something else?  You can surprise your self that how creative your space had become and so unique! This is what I call “a fresh idea!” rather than calling it  new or old!  Do you want to add a spice to your spaces with  old objects and furnitures like in these photos and create a new lifestyle for a change?

What do you think?

industrial closet An industrial closet finds  a place here in this modern Danish apartment looks fantastic via pinterest

a contemporary kitchen in industrial look

a creative kitchen decor made of mixed industrial tools and furnitures via pinterest

industrial livingindustrial metal stools from

pharmacy lampAn old lighting fixture from

vintage clubsvintage clubs from

apothecory drawersapothecary drawers

vintage washing machineAn old washing machine via pinterest

antique industrial casters

old fan

An old fan via


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