Nice details of a friend’ s lovely bosphorus apartment in Arnavutköy

It was the weekend of the Bebek Festival. We have literally escaped from Bebek to Başak ‘ s new apartment in Arnavutköy. What a good decision it was? We ve spent the rest of the day catching up after a quite long time not seeing each other, drinking wine and discussing about new design possibilities for new apartment. I understood Başak expanded quite good amount of time for the renovation of the new resident. But, I can say it is totally worthed. The  place totally reflects her modern urban Turkish style which combines by vintage Northern European taste. Large windows provide  excellent daylight to in-house and carries the view of  beautiful historical architectural texture of the Bosphorus’ old town. I absolutely astonished by the look of the white wooden building next door which more stands like a white wedding cake pie especially when it is framed by Başak ‘ s pink Bougainvilleas in the balcony. It was festive to the eyes..

The light and clean line of  furnitures, simple modern look, warm wooden floors, fun objects, brass framed mirrors, white-large space complemented by  bold bright-colored small accessories,  is absolutely reflecting her style by all means. Since I love the places by personality I wanted to share some photo shoots from her new apartment. Once, she completes the SPA room and adds the artwork in mind, I would like to post more photos…


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