Story of Designmixer’ s Barber Shop Project

We have just concluded the Barber Shop project which had taken approx. 65-70 days. Our brief was to design a contemporary, comfortable, private, exculusive, boutique, Beauty and Health Care  space for todays man.  It was a very exciting task for as the client let us free in terms of our designing the space and furnitures, choosing the materials, creating visuals. Eventhough in every step we ve moved by approvals and some comments, I would say it moved on quite easily as both parties were agreed pretty much in most terms which of course made our job more fun.

Here are 3D renderings of the project prior to application at the design stage.

When the actual construction started it was a little bit challenging for us as the store located in an old building. Therefore, all the infrastructure needed to be  repaired. Also, the floor plan was done according to a residential plan rather than a store plan. Based on all that, we have deconstructed the whole place, taken the dividing walls down, made all plumbing   replaced and rewired the all electricty.

Because of the placement of main walls and plumbing we needed to revise the plan a little bit trying to hook onto original look.

Here I will share some photos and story of our team  while working and trying the rebuild the space as designed…

Great Team!
I love this job:)

I must say our creative and labor team had executed an excellent job to finalize the project, so much work and manpower. There were days and nights we came to feeling that the project will not make for the opening day. But, after all we made it right on time…I want to share with you some photos of hardwork besides before and after photos…

Süleyman Usta at work, we call him Dr.House:)
It is the photo of the time when Barış and Fatih feeling hopeless if we will make it on time
Barış is running around like crazy, trying to speed the job.
Doors are being placed
Why not having fun while working?
Our electrician Orhan drilling hole on iron.
This was the half way through the project after the new floor plan applied and infrastructure was repaired
This is the reception area after furnishing

Since the shop had intended to be customized for the modern working urban men, the whole area designed for their relaxation including nail and foot care massage room after stressful working days  besides  hair care.

We have provided personal spaces by dividing mirrored walls to each client. Since the separation lengths are only up to sitting person, the staff still could communicate with each other easily and see around. The customer is  not feeling clustered as the seperations are all reflective mirror.

This is the day when the basalt stone countertop and sink was custom made.
Cutting section before  furnishing
Barış is enjoying opening day hair treatment
The Barber Chair is custom made out of raw metal cast. Very heavy 130kg!

The dark grey ceiling, animal skin wall papers, dark grey  mirrors, concrete furniture, dark grey Basalt stone counter top and sink, wall coverings and concrete based floor material, raw metal cast, dark brown leather upholstery and wood materials all assisted to offer the masculine and chic look of the space. We have combined balanced amount of wood, stone, metal and water all earthy materials for a feeling good environment.

We used industrial kitchen faucets at the counter as shower
Cutting Section after furnishing
A night before opening Day
Opening Day

After all the space is more like a gentleman’s club rather than a Barber Shop.

Here is Mr. Cahit Yazır at the opening day happy with the result

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    • Thank u. I m happy u like the design of the shop. Actually each project differs according its own facts.It is unfortunatelly not possible to quote correct prx w/out studying your space and existing structure. Also the labor cost between Turkey and England is different. But to give u an indication this project costed around 600EU per sqmt in İstanbul.

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