Stephen Jones and The Accent of Fashion exhibiting at Vakko Fashion Center, İstanbul

What a wonderful creative person to blow a human mind. Stephen Jones! British Designer  who has been passionately creating hats over 3 decades  by an artistic approach is currently showcasing his retrospective exhibition called The Accent of Fashion at Vakko Fashion Center in İstanbul.  By this exhibition, the Artist is prooving  that such strong accessory can turn into be an astonishing sculptural piece by a tedious work and creative mind.  Jones is absolutely an observer who gets influences from many different thing such as science, nature, glamour, rococo, adventure. Nevertheless,   a very talented executor who ends project by stunning results. I must say I could hardly stop myself to take one of those gorgeous hats and put over my head.

Variety of materials he used, color combinations and themes are execution of an artistic mind which  crosses the  boundaries of the trends and conventional norms of fashion.

I believe Dita Von Teese describes British Designer, and his work so well by this paragraph “Stephen understands how the tiny details make the difference between a cute hat and a legendary hat…his chapeaux go far beyond the chic and in fact become the reference for all others. His work manages to reinvent and redefine, rather than merely carry on the tradition of hat making. There’ s something special that masters of millinery from the golden age of hat-wearing knew, and Stephen has that rare talent that sets him apart from any other living hat designer. His joy in his work is visible in each creation.”

Stephen Jones had cooperated by  many fashion design brands till today such as Jean Paul Gaultier, Thierry Mugler, Commes des Garçons, Claude Montana, Christian Dior, Azzedine Alaia, Walter Van Beirendoc, Marc Jacobs. However, he gained his initial reputation through the music industry collaborating by Boy George, Duran Duran and Spandue Ballet.

I found very meaningful that Vakko brought Stephen Jones exhibition to Turkey.  Vitali Hakko,  founder of Vakko had started his business  in a small hat shop under Şen Şapka (Happy Hat) name on 1934 and over the years he became so successful in Fashion business by its quality and trendsetting approach. In Turkey, Hat revolution was made on 1925 and the hats were so fashionable especially in Istanbul when Vitali Hakko opened his shop.  I keep listening stories from my Mom how elegant, my Grandmom was during those years and she was never going out without wearing beautiful hats. I truly want this fashion to come back again. It is a true elegance and strong accent of fashion which changes the whole attitude of person by its existence.

Here is the Vintage Hat pieces being showcased at Vakko Fashion Museum. The hats are from early 20th century belong to chic Turkish ladies who were following the fashion at the time.

By this exhibition, I had a chance to see many beautiful, unique fashion items which were elegantly formed. Thanks to Vakko for bringing this Fashion Legend to İstanbul and sharing this great work by Fashion lovers! Oh by the way, great news Vakko is opening its Design library to public on September!!!

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