Strolling through Phuket local pottery shops by rented motobike

While being overwhelmed by the nature of Phuket Island, me and my husband Baris were still curious about the ateliers and design shops in town. So we decided to rent a small motorbike, stroll  town and explore the production houses. Maybe since we also have our furniture atelier and into production, wherever we go, we  enjoy exploring what is being created by design houses and produce by the local crafts people in the area. The weather was tropically hot and humid but we constantly came across by so many exciting shops so the heat was not able to stop us. Creative ateliers, Art galleries,  antique shops and design stores. One after another, around the town and not aware of heat or how the time was passed by.  At the end of the day, many great connections were made, catalogs and photos were collected. Nevertheless, we were anxious about  the next day trip to continue with what we have started. So we have ended up sparing our Phuket holiday by daily field trips to workshops, atelier and stores and met with many wonderful people.

In this post, I will share with you some pictures we took  at Pottery workshops. Hope you like them as we did…

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